Owning a vehicle means performing the proper maintenance so you can get more life out of it. If you don' t have the tools or are unsure how to change your oil and other fluids, then the service team Harbin Ford Scottsboro can be of assistance. Getting a regular oil change ensures your engine stays lubricated. This work typically occurs between 3,000-5,000 miles depending on the vehicle and the type of oil used.

You don't want to hear grinding noises coming from the engine, when driving near Langston. This could indicate the oil level is low or that there is no oil present.

Another reason to change you oil is because it keeps your engine cooler while you're driving around Fackler. If the parts in the engine don't have oil to keep them from grinding together while driving near Hollywood, then there will be more friction. This can result in the engine overheating, gaskets deteriorating, and the system needing to be replaced.

While driving around Dutton, your engine will likely build sludge over time. A proper oil change in Scottsboro can keep this debris from continuing to build, which can clog the filter and the other components of the engine over time. This can result in decreased fuel mileage and strain on other parts of your car that could deteriorate prematurely.

Aside from getting your oil changed with the Harbin Ford service team, you also want to change your transmission fluid on a regular schedule. This can keep the gears from grinding together. Your coolant should be changed so that your vehicle doesn't overheat. If you notice that your temperature gauge rises while driving, then this could indicate a leak in the radiator or another area of the cooling system. The brake fluid is also commonly changed in order to preserve the life of the system, which includes the rotors.

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