Service Pickup and Delivery

Service Pickup and Delivery
Life doesn’t always allow you to structure your schedule the way you want. Whether it be work, family, or other responsibilities, items such as having your car serviced may fall by the wayside. But car service is important for any model you might own around Birmingham, Chattanooga, or Huntsville, Alabama. So, what can be done? Well, our service pickup and delivery process here at Harbin Ford Scottsboro is meant to make your life easier. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for your service experience so you can merely focus on your day-to-day tasks!

Schedule Service OnlineMaking Your Life Easier

Service is the backbone to long-term car ownership. Whether you happen to drive a truck, a compact car, or anything in between, you have to care for the vehicle appropriately to get the most out of its performance, reliability, and quality. Our service pickup and delivery system is meant to help, making your life easier and allowing you to care for your car properly. Further, we can create a service outline for you. With this outline, you’ll have a neatly laid-out plan that details what your vehicle requires in terms of care and when these procedures should be performed. Then, when it comes time to arrange for a service visit, you can always use our scheduling tool or simply give us a call.

How Service Pickup and Delivery Works

Service CenterThe goal of service pickup and delivery is to create a quick, easy opportunity for you to care for your vehicle without having to take time away from your daily workweek. So how does it work? It’s actually a simple process. It starts with letting us know you want to have your vehicle serviced and that, instead of bringing it to us yourself, you’d like to opt for the pickup and delivery system. Then, you let us know what time is best for you and where you’re located. At that point, we can iron out the details and let you know what time we’ll be there to pick up your vehicle. If you need to remain mobile while your car is in for service, we’ll do what we can to accommodate you with a rental car. We’ll also give you an idea of how long your vehicle is going to remain in the shop. Once our technicians are finished working on your model, they’ll bring it back to your house and drop off the keys. If you’ve used a rental, we’ll take that off your hands as well!

Enjoy Our Service Pickup and Delivery System

Car ownership should be simple, as you have other tasks in your daily life to attend to. We try to make it as easy as possible for you with our pickup and delivery system. Drivers around the Huntsville, Chattanooga, and Birmingham, AL, communities can utilize this helpful system to receive the care their model requires without having to take away from their busy workweek. If you have questions, reach out!

Service Pick-up & Delivery by Harbin Automotive

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The BEST WAY to have your vehicle serviced with us. We service all makes and models, and this service is free for all of our customers! That's right, there's no charge for pickup or delivery.

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