How to Tell if You Need a New Battery

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When you get inside your Ford, you expect that it will start as soon as you turn the key so that you can go where you need to in Fackler. If you notice that your vehicle is slow to start or that it seems to struggle after it does turn over, then the culprit could be your battery. There are a few signs that you can pay attention to that could indicate that your battery is weak and needs to be replaced by the service team at Harbin Ford Scottsboro so you’re not stranded on the road.

Slow Starts

Although there are a few other reasons your Ford might be slow to start, such as the starter or the alternator, the battery is high on the list of reasons. When the battery doesn’t have the charge it needs to keep up with the demand of starting your vehicle, it will get weaker over time.

This means that you’ll usually notice it taking even longer for your Ford to start before going in Dutton. You could also notice that your car turns over but doesn’t start. You might see the radio come on, or the lights on the dashboard illuminate, but the vehicle simply won’t start if the battery is too weak.


Pay attention to your headlights when traveling in Hollywood. There should be a steady glow from them. If you notice that they dim while they’re on or if they aren’t as bright, then it’s likely because the battery doesn’t have the charge that it needs to run them.

Jump Starts

If you’ve had to jump your battery a few times before you can drive in Langston, you should consider visiting the dealership to get a new battery. Even though jumping your battery can give it the charge it needs to operate the vehicle, it can cause more damage.


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